Welcome to our web site! This site offers you the opportunity to learn more about Soul Work, founded in 2002.

We are Spiritual beings on a human journey. Kierkegaard, a nineteen century theologian, wrote that we are in this world with sealed orders and it is our lifelong mission to find our soul's purpose in this life. 

You can find joy and fulfillment on your path as you journey to your destination.

Are you feeling stirrings in your heart. . . that there must be more to this life than you are experiencing? Do you speak daily to a loving God who lets you know, in your inner most being, that "God" is not the dogma and rituals of organized religion? Is your spirit--this  beautiful creation of God--struggling to come alive within you?

Let me help you mine that inner knowledge that has been hidden deep within you. You need to sweep clean your inner path.  You need to move away from simply thinking with your head toward feeling with your heart. In this way, the divine energy within you can transform you from the inside out. I can be your soul's companion on this journey--a journey your soul aches to commence.

It's time to patiently examine your dark side because it hides your anger, hurt, and the disappointments of this life.  Examine your inner judge who keeps you from realizing your dreams. Gently dig and unfold:  Do the inner work that, left undone, keeps you from being all you were meant to be.

Individual sessions, group sessions, retreats and seminars designed to meet your needs are all available.

To set up your individual one hour session call (631) 366-1010 or send an email to aida@soul-work.com.